Lessons/Clinics/Speaking Engagements:

Chris is available for lessons locally in Jupiter Florida where he is the Tennis Director. He is also available to come to your town and give clinics or seminars depending on availability.

For more information please email
[email protected].

Racquet stringing:

There are many things to consider when it comes to your tennis racquet. String type/thickness, grip size, and racquet weight can all affect your play dramatically. Let's talk briefly about stringing. When was the last time you had your racquet restrung? A good rule of thumb for restringing is this: however many times a week you play is how many times a year you should restring. For example if you play 4 times a week you should restring 4 times each year. Here are a few other tips regarding stringing:

- higher string tension will give you more control
- lower string tension will give you more power
- thinner string generates more power
- thinner string produces more spin
- thicker string will last longer

For those of you who live locally we provide racquet stringing and customization. A basic string job (synthetic gut, 16 gauge) is $25

We have access to any type of string made so if you require something specific we can certainly take care of your needs.

For more information please email
[email protected].


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