Tip of the Month:

In our first tennis tip I would like to cover the ready position. It's easy to take the ready position for granted. But don't! This is the key to a fast first step to the incoming ball. Many people tend to be too "relaxed" in the ready position therefore getting a slow start. Well then, what does a good ready position consist of? I'm glad you asked. Here are the key fundamentals for the ready position:

- feet shoulder width apart
- weight forward in your stance so you're on the balls of your feet
- knees bent
- both hands on your racquet

From this position you're ready to move in any direction. As soon as the ball comes off of your opponents racquet you need to react instantly. So if you want to improve your tennis right away, pay attention to your ready position. You can even practice it at home (although your pet may look at you like your crazy). Good luck and STAY READY


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