I get too involved in technique and Chris has the ability to explain strokes in a very simple mannner. Using his "less is more" approach I have learned to keep it simple and have improved dramatically. Thanks Chris.
Todd S.

Chris has really helped me understand how my strokes work. I have taken lessons with him for three years now and he never fails to bring a ton of energy along with innovative ideas to each and every lesson. I can't imagine trying to learn the game of tennis without him. His enthusiasm is contagious!
Steve R.

After Chris showed me the proper footwork I couldn't believe how much easier the game became. I have always been fast but had trouble getting into position and staying balanced during my shots. After one lesson I felt a huge sign of relief knowing it was just a matter of learning proper technique. Thanks Chris
Ray B.

I have known Chris for eight years. I have to say he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. In regards to his teaching style he makes the game easy to understand and fun to learn.
Jeff P.

The tennis experience with Chris Baldwin is an event greatly enjoyed and provides as exciting reward of understanding tennis. His upbeat personality and positive attitude produces energy, interest and a desire for the game which will reward me for many years to come. My tennis game now has a solid foundation of fundamentals which has produced improvement, confidence, and great enjoyment for the game. How much fun is that
Liz B.

I've been working with Chris for 2 years and my game has improved tremendously. Chris is better than anyone I've ever seen at making small changes which have big impacts. The problems people tend to have in their games are usually very basic, even at the highest levels. Chris is a master at homing in on and fixing the fundamentals. His clear, cogent, and enthusiastic instruction can make a huge difference in anyone's game. It certainly has in mine!
Kitty L.

I have taken several tennis lessons from Chris Baldwin over the last five years. As a teacher he patiently evaluates each pupil and diagnosis their strengths and weaknesses. He is able to motivate young, middle-aged, and elderly players because he can relate to all age groups. His best asset is his enthusiasm and passion for the game which motivates the student to become a better competitive tennis player.
Pete L.


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